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Introduction to Portrait Oil Painting - Workshop by Nouf Radwan

  • Sahaba Hamad Al Jaser Jeddah, Makkah Province, 23434 Saudi Arabia (map)

About The Workshop

This course introduces the basics of portrait oil painting to the participants, starting understanding the different tools used for painting, and how to use them. Color theories, how to choose colors in your paintings. Color blending and extracting the right tones for the painting, the relationship between light/shadow and how to implement it. An introduction on how to transfer a portrait into the canvas. Painting techniques, and finally coming out with a complete portrait. During this course, the student will be introduced to different techniques of painting such as, Blocking in, Building up and Alla Prima. A printed reference picture will be used to create the final piece.

All materials and tools will be provided. The student is not required to have any knowledge or experience in oil painting to enrol in this course, this is an intense course that is suitable for all stages starting from beginners.

Artist’s Biography

Nouf Radwan (b. 1996) is a Saudi self-taught visual artist. She graduated with a degree in Creative Design from Jeddah College of Advertising (UBT). Nouf expressed herself creatively from an early age through drawing characters she admired. In 2015, she was introduced to Oil Painting where she found her love for colours and focused on drawing portraits. Nouf developed her own artistic voice through mixing both realism and impressionism. You will often find that texture is her way of making each piece stand out differently, each brush stroke and colour tells a story. To showcase how an art piece starts with an empty canvas, you will find that most of her artwork is never fully complete.

Workshop Details


  • The workshop includes 4 classes and will be conducted on the span of two weeks.

  • Classes will be held on Sundays & Wednesdays between 7-10 pm.

  • Each class is 3 hours long.

  • All classes will be held at Sahaba Space.

Dates & Times:

  • Sunday | 21st July | 7-10 pm

  • Wednesday | 24th July | 7-10 pm

  • Sunday | 28th July | 7-10 pm

  • Wednesday | 31st July | 7-10 pm

Workshop Structure

Sunday 21st | Day 1: Introduction to Oil Painting

  • Introducing tools and mediums

  • Colour wheel theories

  • An introduction to drawing Portraits

Wednesday 24th | Day 2: Painting Techniques / Stage 1

  • Introducing painting techniques

  • Color blending

  • Underpainting

Sunday 28th | Day 3: Painting Techniques / Stage 2

  • First painting layer

Wednesday 31st | Day 4: Painting Techniques / Stage 3

  • Second painting layer

  • Details

  • Producing the final painting

Please Note:

  • All tools will be provided to use for the workshop and keep afterwards

  • The workshop is suitable for all levels

  • Participants must be 16 & over

  • The workshop will be conducted in both English & Arabic

  • Students should make arrangements to take their work home at the end of the course

Workshop Fee:

2,000 SAR

Payment Details:

  • Bank information will be provided by email upon registration

  • Seats will be confirmed upon receiving full payment

  • Last registration day is on the 14th of July

Student Works From Previous Workshops

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